Sexual Harassment Training (In Accordance with AB 1825)

 stop_sign-200x218The training workshop will cover the following:

  • What is sexual harassment? California Fair Employment and Housing Commission
  • Mandatory Workshops
  • The Do’s and Do Not’s of Sexual Harassment.
  • Supervisor’s Role and Responsibilities
  • Managers Guide to Receiving Harassment Allegations
  • Fact Sheet – What constitutes Sexual Harassment?
  • When does an environment become sexually hostile?
  • What steps to take as a supervisor?
  • Responsibilities of the employee and management
  • Pre and Post Test Activity

Objective:  To improve knowledge of Sexual Harassment Policy by California AB 1825 regulations for new and existing supervisors.  Employers with 50 plus employees, For New Supervisors they must be trained within – 6 months and existing supervisors training must be done every two years. Develop and monitor training year tracking system.


Ice Breaker:

  • Introductions
  • Role Play
  • Presentation

Table Topic:

  • What does sexual harassment look like?
  • Training
  • Roles and responsibility

Best Practices:

  • Compliance with AB 1825

End State Goal Activity:

  • How has your knowledge of Sexual Harassment improved as a result of this workshop?


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