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Renee C. Willis, M.B.A. | Principal & Founder of CEEBS

Renee Willis Photo 2014Renee Willis is known as a Corporate Workshop Facilitator for Professional Development, Mentor for College Preparation, and College Professor for instruction in Job Search and Interviewing Skills Classes, Financial and Managerial Accounting, and Business Coursework at Chaffey and ICDC Colleges.

With over twenty years in management at the corporate level, Mrs. Willis spent ten years with the Los Angeles County Metro Transportation Authority as a Senior Analyst and Capital Project Manager. This position allowed for her to work with the state and local government on procurements and capital projects. As a consultant, Mrs. Willis works with businesses and Chambers of Commerce in order to develop companies into efficient and profitable enterprises. With her career and professional development training, accounting, education, and project manager skills, CEEBS develops others to succeed by possessing strong leadership/organizational skills, along with the ability to work with a wide range of professionals.

Throughout her career, Renee Willis has been able to establish herself as an exceptionally successful and effective consultant, and a presentation facilitator with solid business experience, who understands the job market and what it takes to get hired. Her familiarity with employment, federal and state laws/regulations, and outstanding customer service skills are the reasons she has been able to thrive in and throughout her career path, setting herself  apart from other individuals. Her incredibly thorough nature, coupled with her ability to make strong and decisive decisions, helps ensure that each project CEEBS delivers is completed with the highest standards.

Larry Willis, Masters in Education | Vice Principal

Larry and Renee Anniversary Invitation PhotoMr. Willis currently serves as the Vice Principal for Los Angeles County Office of Education in Downey, California. A committed Administrator and Academic Instructor, with expertise in teaching and administering Special Education and Student Behavior Improvement programs. He utilizes research-based and theory specific interventions, while developing and implementing innovative games and experiential exercises to achieve treatment goals. Larry is a collaborative and trusted liaison and advocate, focused on promoting reintegration and reinstatement strategies. He is known as a thorough instructor, implementing various instructional strategies to teach all students with various learning styles to ensure academic achievement.

As a consultant to CEEBS, Mr. Willis provides special education student advocacy services, and parental guidance for completing and understanding the school system and IEP process. He serves as a mentor to both the youth and teachers by helping the youth in overcoming fears and succeeding in schools, and aspiring teachers to enter and thrive in the rewarding field of Education. In addition to being an active member of his community, Mr. Willis has served as the Director of the Ministry to Children at Second Baptist Church in Monrovia, CA for over 15 years.

Nicole Henley, Ph.D.| Researcher and Educator

photoNicole holds a Ph.D. in Health Services from UCLA and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  She currently works for Los Angeles County and serves as a part-time faculty member in the Department of Public Health at California State University-Los Angeles. Her professional experience is in the fields of public health and education, where she has taught for over 15 years.

Dr. Henley’s exposure to research began during her undergraduate career as a McNair Scholar and continued while serving as a Doctoral Research Fellow at Washington State University. She gained extensive research experience during her tenure at UCLA, while working on numerous projects in the areas of access to care and health care disparities. Nicole is proficient in quantitative data analysis and academic writing. During her last consultant assignment, she provided ongoing research and data analysis support to an independent consultant group responsible for developing and securing Ryan White grant funding for the Riverside-San Bernardino, California Transitional Grant Area.

As a Consultant to CEEBS, Nicole is committed to the “Each One, Teach One” philosophy and believes that every community has the ability to grow stronger and more resilient when members pass on their skills and knowledge to others. She has excellent mentoring skills and desires to educate, transform, and build resilient communities through teaching and by translating culturally-relevant research into policy and practice. She currently serves on the board of several academic and community organizations, both locally and out of state. Nicole describes herself as a “servant-leader”, passionate about helping individuals achieve their professional goals—with excellence, patience, and humility.


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